What is a VIN number?

A Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN, is a specialized code assigned to vehicles that describes the specifics of the car.

Using a VIN decoder, you can discover information such as the vehicle manufacturer, the country of origin, the type and size of the engine all the way to specific information like the factory the vehicle was assembled, the year it was made and a distinct serial number.

Just with the VIN number, you can see what your vehicle service history, title status and even if there are outstanding recalls from the manufacturer.

Find out what your VIN number means and try our VIN Decoder API for free.

If you need to find your VIN number, read below for help on finding it.

VIN Number Location

You can find your VIN number for decoding right on your vehicle. You can also look it up on your vehicle’s insurance or title records.

If you still can’t see your VIN number, you can always get in touch with your car dealership or directly contact the vehicle manufacturer. Tell them you want to find the VIN number for decoding and they can help you pinpoint the exact location depending on the make and model of your car.

What VIN looks like

A VIN number is comprised of letters and numbers. Each of these characters decodes into specific information about your vehicle – where it was made, the manufacturer, the make and model along with other identifying features.

Note: Before decoding your VIN, make sure the letters I and O are not present. These characters do not appear since they are represented as 1 and 0.

VIN Decoder

Find out what your VIN number means and try our VIN Decoder API for free.

VIN Importance

Decoding a VIN number is the most accurate way to find out information specific to your vehicle only. Not every automobile is the same, so decoding your VIN is useful in sourcing parts, finding diagnostic reports, seeing the title history and other features that may not be found otherwise.

The VIN number was standardized in the automotive industry in 1981, consisting of 17 characters. Each vehicle has a specific combination of these letters and numbers.

CarMD VIN Decoder API

If you are using an API that is being discontinued, or you would like to offer VIN decoding services through your own app, check out our APIs..

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