Using CarMD with your car
Before jumping ahead to use your CarMD product, please make sure you’ve installed the CarMD application on your computer and created an account. Both are required for CarMD to work.
  1. Turn on your car
    But do not start it.
  2. Plug in your CarMD
    It will beep twice when plugged in correctly.

    Where to plug

    If you don’t hear the beeps

  3. Wait till CarMD is done
    CarMD will beep 4x to let you know that it is done and can be removed.If the beeps are not audible a light will turn on and stay on to let you know it is done.

Once CarMD is done, please plug it into your computer and follow the instructions online. You may have to log in or type in your VIN or mileage. If the latter appears, we recommend taking a picture of your VIN and mileage rather than writing it down.

Finding your VIN