Powerful and Easy-to-use

CarMD has information that takes the mystery, worry and unnecessary expensive out of vehicle ownership. CarMD reports explain your vehicle’s current health, proper maintenance, recalls, vehicle history, and even possible future repairs required!

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Useful information at your fingertips

Vehicle ownership can be intimidating, but CarMD simplifies keeping your vehicle running for many worry-free miles, while saving you money.

Technical Information that’s easy-to-understand

Gain peace of mind with CarMD Garage reports. Discover the causes and repairs required (including costs), all customized to your type of vehicle.

Maintenance Simplified

Timely and proper maintenance keeps your vehicle running smoother, more fuel efficient and avoids the need for major repairs later.

CarMD Maintenance reports are specific to your vehicle, and details the services recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer, including parts, labor, cost and difficulty ratings.

CarMD helps you pass emissions tests

Whether or not your check engine light is on, a CarMD garage report can is a quick and easy way to know for sure whether your vehicle is emissions-ready. Like other CarMD reports, technical vehicle information is presented in an easy-to-understand format.

Keeps your vehicle running safe

Safety recalls address important manufacturer defects that can put you and your passengers in danger. These repairs are performed free of charge.

Know what factory techs know with TSB reports

Technical Service Bulletins, or TSBs, are memos issued to dealers from the manufacturer describing a recurring issue. These memos save time diagnosing a problem and may result in a no-cost repair.

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For only $139.95
Feature by feature
Fast and Accurate Diagnosis

See what’s wrong with your car in minutes; simply plug your CarMD device in to communicate with your vehicle’s computer (we’ll show you where) on your smart phone, tablet or PC.

The Fix

More than just a simple diagnosis, CarMD also enables you to decide whether you seek repairs from a professional, or if it’s something you can fix yourself.

The Right Parts

CarMD reports include a list of specific parts, including cost, making repairs faster and easier!

Repair Cost and Repair Options

Avoid surprises at the repair shop! CarMD gives you an overview of the cost of the repair, including the parts and labor hours needed, along with alternative ways to repair your car.

Easy to Plug in

CarMD includes an OBD-II port locator, with images and location information for your specific make and model vehicle; plugging in CarMD couldn’t be easier!

Easy to Understand

No need to understand codes, no jargon and no technical background needed. CarMD’s reports are easy to understand and in plain English.

Predictive Maintenance

CarMD not only lets you know the current status of your car; it also predicts potential issues down the line, so you can budget for upcoming repairs.


CarMD will tell you if your vehicle is ready for an emissions test. Know if you’ll pass a “smog” test when it’s time to renew your registration.

Know When Your Repair is Covered

You’ll get a list of known issues, factory recalls and warranty issues that are not included in the service manuals and may result in a free repair.

Don’t wait. Buy now.
For only $139.95